Shovelling Snow Safely

Dr. Kenneth Stelsoe, BsC, DC
March 20, 2019

It is said that chiropractors love freezing rain, black ice and heavy snow. It fills our schedules and keep us busy for weeks to come. Although this naturally is a joke, it’s not completely without merit. The truth is that I would rather have my patients come in for preventive care than to be fixed up after getting hurt.

With all activity there is a risk of injury, but with a few considerations the risks connected with clearing the driveway can be significantly reduced. So today I want to share some advise on how to prevent getting hurt from shovelling snow this winter:

I know this is a long read – especially if you are lucky enough to not be the one in your household to clear the snow. I hope it gave you a few tips you didn’t know already – and just perhaps you will be able to pass them on to people around you who will benefit from this information this winter.

As always,should you have any questions or concerns about anything related to your health and wellness, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Sincerely in Health,
Dr. Kenneth Stelsoe
Owner / Chiropractor