Make Movement Your New Addiction (Part 1)

Dr. Kenneth Stelsoe, BSc, DC
March 20, 2019

Being physically active affects almost every system in the body. Movement is in our DNA. Whether you believe in divine creation or evolution, our physiology is designed for, based on and depending, on movement. But we have now designed our world based on speed and efficiency. We can transport ourselves, information and goods faster and further than ever before without physical activity. This is certainly more convenient and support growth and prosperity, but for our bodies, it is not a natural state. To me, it seems that every time we act against what nature intended, there is a price to pay.

We have heard repeatedly that a sedentary lifestyle is bad for us – even that “sitting is the new smoking”. Most people relate it to weight gains, heart disease, and muscle weakness - in themselves great reasons to become more active. Below I am sharing a list of reasons to consider when evaluating your personal level of physical activity. I'd like to make that list longer in hopes that you'll be enticed to make movement your new addiction in 2019. Please note I am leaving out other considerations, such as nutrition, but everything is connected. Therefore, please remember physical activity is just one of many aspects to consider.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t claim that this list will be complete nor do I pretend to be an expert in every field or having read and memorized every research paper on these topics. The intended purpose is to for you to simply be informed and able to make choices that will benefit your health and wellness.


This is the first installment in this 2-part blog. Tune in next week for the rest of the list where we will dive further into more topics such as Digestion, Metabolism, Cholesterol, Diabetes, etc.


Sincerely in health,
Dr. Kenneth Stelsoe, BSc., DC
Owner / Chiropractor