Free Complementary ConsultationĀ 

Initial Physiotherapy AssessmentĀ 

Our initial assessment is 1 hour in length, which provides time to gather a thorough history and conduct an orthopedic assessment where we check range of motion, strength, etc. Typically, there will be some remaining time which would be dedicated to treatment (manual therapy, acupuncture, soft tissue work, etc) or exercises. Follow ups can be 30min/45min/60min in length, depending on what you require. All our sessions are 1-on-1 with the therapist in a private treatment room for your comfort.

Blocked Lactation Ducts Therapy – Initial Assessment and Treatment

A blocked duct occurs when there is a back-up of milk in a duct, resulting in a painful lump in the breast and slower milk flow while breast feeding. Typically, there is no associated fever. At-home strategies such as massage and heat application can help resolve a blockage, however, if it is persistent, then ultrasound treatment is often recommended. The treatment protocol, as outlined by the International Breastfeeding Centre, involves ultrasound therapy on 2 consecutive days. If the blockage does not clear, then we recommend you return to your physician or lactation consultant to have it re-evaluated.

Initial Acupuncture Assessment (30 min option also available)

Initial Contemporary Medical Acupuncture assessment and treatment.

This technique involves using sterile acupuncture needles to target the muscles and nerves involved in a patient’s conditions, and stimulating them either manually or with electricity. Depending on the purpose for which acupuncture is being used, it can help to decrease muscular tone, improve neuromuscular functioning, decrease post-surgical scar pain, and provide pain relief. Similar to our physiotherapy service, acupuncture sessions involve a 1 hour initial assessment, with subsequent follow-ups being decided between yourself and the therapist.

Please note: Acupuncture will be provided by a registered physiotherapist and will be billed as such.