Nutritional Counselling

General Bookings
Initial Consultation

The initial consultation involves reviewing your medical & social history, food and nutrition habits, diet history, and personal nutrition goals. From here we will develop goals and a nutrition care plan will be created to suit your individualized needs. Follow up appointments will be booked based on the plan we devise together.

Meet & Greet – 15 min

Two Bites

Get a taste. This package is designed to get you started. First, a 45 minutes initial assessment is completed followed with 2 follow up appointments of your choice.

Five Bites

Satisfy your appetite. This package speaks to those who are ready for a bit more than the starter package. Choose from a variety of follow up options to mix and match how you progress toward your goals. Of course, included is the initial assessment, formation of goals and 5 follow up appointments to keep you on track.

Eight Bites

Dig right in! It takes time for healthy behaviours to set roots. After completing an initial assessment, we will begin to work toward developing healthful behaviours that are sustainable. This option provides longer term follow up to help keep you accountable and on track as you work toward your goals. Included is the initial assessment, development of goals, and 8 follow-ups of your choice.

Unlimited Email Add On

Want extra support while you’re getting started on your health and nutrition goals? Add unlimited email for 1 month (30 days) to your package and feel free to email quick questions or concerns to the dietitian. You will receive a reply within 2 business days.

Follow Up Options

Life is busy! Choose a form of follow up that suits you and your lifestyle best.

1-on-1 in person – 30 minutes

In person follow up visits are set in our comfortable Enhanced Wellness Studio space. Grab a coffee/tea and unwind for face to face discussion about your nutrition updates, education, personal successes or challenges and next steps.

Phone – 30 minutes

Phone discussion about your progress. If you lead an on-the-go lifestyle, phone follow-ups are a perfect alternative to having to travel for each appointment. Wait by your phone and the dietitian will call you at your booked appointment time.

E-mail Communication

Email communication will include a review of your goals and progress. It is also meant for longer questions, review of your diet history and/or providing educational material. This is the best option for a day-to-day routine that is constantly changing – your follow up questions will be sent out in advance, with time for you to respond.