Sarah de Poray RYT

I am a certified Pranalife yoga instructor, specialized in prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga, and yoga for pelvic health. I have been practicing various styles of yoga since 2002, and prioritize a balanced, active lifestyle by dedicating regular time for strength training, joint mobility, cycling, running and walking.

Having a lifelong thirst for travel and wider perspectives, I have traveled to and lived in fascinating places, such as Southern Africa and the Northwest Territories. I hold a BA in Anthropology and Linguistics and certification in American Sign Language Interpretation. I am an avid reader and find my greatest creative inspiration when out in nature and when immersed in lively, thoughtful conversation.

After being a proud stay-at-home mom for nearly a decade, I decided it was time to take my passion for women’s whole-life health and empowerment to pursue my dream job of teaching yoga and working with women throughout the female reproductive journey, from menstruation to menopause. I am honoured and grateful to have the opportunity to work with the incredible team of practitioners and all those I will share time and space with through yoga at Enhanced Wellness Studio.