Lindsay Klassen, MSW, RSW

I am a Registered Social Worker,  providing personal and couple’s counselling which helps to break down mental and emotional barriers to wellness and empower a life with meaning.  
I have specialized training in trauma informed, CBT-based approaches to adult and adolescent mental health, approaches to support motivation, goal setting, and problem solving, and am passionate about helping people look rationally at their thoughts, emotions, and behaviours to determine if they are helpful or hindering to them living a life they enjoy and value.   I believe that we all have the ability to overcome the many challenges we will face in life, whether those are current or in our past. 
Counselling can provide treatment for a range of mental health challenges, as well as  support for the development of new perspectives and ways of problem solving for many of life’s issues. All support and treatment plans are highly individualized and focused on goals as identified by my Clients.  You are always in charge of what goals you set and how I can help you to reach them.
I am excited to introduce my Clients to the other Practitioners at Enhanced Wellness Studio, whose services and knowledge can align well with counselling and support.  I also refer out to other services as necessary and in consultation with Clients.