Ariana Novak

Ariana is a passionate, personable, focused and ever evolving individual. Her curiosity and zest for life is infectious. Her genuine excitement for sharing yoga teachings and offering alternative ways to heal is hopeful to her students who are searching. Those who have attended her yoga classes leave inspired to explore yoga on a deeper level, motivated to live a life that leaves time to care of their own bodies and minds. Ariana has utilized yoga teachings both on and off the mat to heal and develop a beautiful relationship with the world and herself. Her hope is to share this same gift with others. 

Ariana began her yoga journey in 2008 where she found herself often asking herself:

  • How can I take the best care of my body and mind?
  • What has meaning?
  • What brings joy?
  • Where do I go when things get uncomfortable and sticky?

Ever since then she’s been on a quest to experience yoga in all its forms: Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa flow, Kripalu yoga, Arial, Hatha series, meditation, ecstatic dance and more. She felt specifically drawn to the Kripalu lineage and went on to complete her 200-hour yoga teacher training. Since then, Ariana has assisted 200-hour yoga teacher trainings at Kripalu, partaken in a 1000 hour Yoga Therapy certification, and completed a 9 month long leadership and life coaching certification through the Solouna Coaching School. 

Where ever you are Ariana will meet you there with compassion, support, and a space for you to tend to the parts of you that are needing to be heard and healed.